Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things I Ate While I Was Gone

Things I ate while I was away:

  1. Publix Fried Chicken. Satellite Beach, Fl.
  2. Da Kine Diego’s Insane Burrito. Satellite Beach, Fl.
  3. Bizarro’s Pizza. Melbourne Beach, Fl.
  4. Tamales, Gator, Sausage on a Stick. The Houston Rodeo, Tx.
  5. Feast. The Restaurant. Houston, Tx.
  6. Charbroiled Oysters, Fried Shrimp PoBoy, Turtle Soup, Debris Sandwich, Stuffed Bell Peppers, Jambalaya, Boudin (in ball form), Oysters Rockafeller, Muffaletta, et al, NOLA.

Big Surprise It was So Good:
      Turtle Soup 

Big Surprise It Tasted Just like Antipasto:

      The Muff

Pounds I gained:

     We’re not talking about it.

Pleasure I derived from eating these things:

     Cannot be measured.

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